WeStar - There is more to you!

“Who Am I and If So How Many?”. The bestseller written by Richard David Precht points out various parallel alter egos we all have inside us. However they only come out depending on the situation itself.

The artistic team event picks up exactly this fact. It is all about hidden talents which come to the force by a very strong interaction of a group. The event is all about communicating on a different level, about intoxicating motivation, about laughing together and having fun, about surprise and amazement. At the end of the day it is about a major energetic result which is hardly accomplished in job-related group constellations, since this event attaches great importance to the team as an actor and as a star!

Making the impossible possible…

You will be overwhelmed by this vaudeville show. It is as individual, excellent and unbelievable as it is true. Live on stage you will witness astonishing and amazing performances as well as fascinating team works – which have been practised and rehearsed in artistic, magic-enchanting, acrobatic, creative and music workshops during the day. An evening full of excitement and surprises is guaranteed!

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